• Latest 2D Work - The Official Luxology modo Guide
  • Latest 3D Work - Artistic bends
  • Latest Script Work - Image Linearize
  • Latest Unity Work - Unity3D Gallery

My name is Philip Lawson and I am a multimedia designer with a skillset in many of the major 2D and 3D applications.

I currently reside in Northern Ireland and I hope you find the resources this site provides both useful and entertaining. The tutorial section currently covers the application, modo and how a user can create 3D images with it.

I should have many more tutorials for various applications up in the coming months. These should range from Adobe Flash to Unity3D. I will create a few Python tutorials in relation to how it can be used from within modo as well as Unity3D’s javascript.

So, enjoy the site and please contact me if you have any questions regarding the material shown here.