about me
Name: Philip Lawson

Job Role: 3D Artist

Software: 3ds max, modo, maya (learning), zbrush, photoshop

Languages: Python, Perl, ActionScript 2.0 /3.0, HTML

Contact Information: | email for phone number

Location: UK

Availability: Available for work



Dare to be Digital [June 2009 - August 2009] - 3D Artist

Lead Artist on a small prototype game developed within 10 weeks and was showcased at Protoplay in Edinburgh. My role demanded asset creation for various models such as hero characters, interactive items and item props. I was also required to animate several sequences for the rail sections of the game. Promotional material such as business cards, posters and trailer videos were also required.

modo promotional video [various 2009]

I submitted animated content which was composited together with other beta testers work as a promotional video for modo 401's release. This required working remotely with a team from the likes of Pixar and The Embassy.


Qwizdom [June 2007 - September 2008] - 3D Artist | Flash Game Developer

For this role I was required to work in a team to produce both vector and bitmap artwork for the Qwizdom Synaptiqs application. These graphical elements were then combined with actionscript which allowed the user to interact with the objects on screen. 3D animation was required to showcase instructions and topic showcase videos.

Python and Perl were used to allow various scripts to be created for modo to aid development and are currently available for free at

The Official Luxology Modo Guide by Dan Ablan [August 2005]

I was asked to provide work examples to showcase various render settings and effects of the modo render engine. These were used in several chapters through out the book as tutorials, but the content was also included on the DVD as learning aids.

Beta Tester / Content Provider for Luxology [2003 - present]

Required to bug report any issues with the software in clear but detailed steps. Reproducing crash case scenarios reported by users and filing if the case proves positive.
Content of new features provided for each new release of modo including models, textures, assemblies and guides. Providing an extra hand on the public forums after release to help users get accustomed to the new features is also something I tend to do with no prompt from Luxology.
I have had work shown at several SIGGRAPH / Apple events showcasing the newer technology Luxology has incorporated for the next major release in the form of preview videos.



University of Ulster [2005 - 2009] - BSc Multimedia, Computing and Design

I have graduated as of July 2009 with a 1st class honours degree accompanied with a diploma in industry placement.